Social Distancing guidelines for Mass celebrations.

The church has now resumed celebrating Masses.

Welcome back to our church.It is good to see you but for your own safety and for everyone else as well, please keep to these simple rules. Please be patient as we learn to observe the new guidelines.

We will need to observe track and trace. Each time you come to Mass you will need to leave your name and contact number (phone or email) and time and date. We need to keep this information for 21 days.

To save time, it would be very helpful if you filled out the track and trace information beforehand and printed it out. Please print this template.

Please watch these guidelines issued by the diocese of Westminster.

  1. Follow the one-way system (up the middle and down the aisles) and the instructions of the stewards when taking communion
  2. Wear a mask at all times
  3. Keep a distance of 1 metres at all times while wearing a mask
  4. Do not to touch anything, door-handles or statues or one another
  5. Only sit in the places indicated
  6. You are only allowed to chat outside in the open air
  7. Wipe your seat as you leave.
  8. Use hand sanitiser on the way in and on the way out
  9. Communion will be right at the end, it will be in silence. When taking communion reach out with your hands as flat as possible
  10. Put all wipes in the bins provided
  11. The Mass will be shorter than usual, immediately after which everyone will be asked to leave the church.
  12. The toilets are locked and not to be used