Feast of Our Seven Holy Founders 2017

Celebration and Official Presentation of Benemerenti Medal

The Feast of our Seven Holy Founders was celebrated on Friday 17th February in 2017. For all Servite parishioners this is a first class Feast and being the Feast of our Founders, the Friday Abstinence is lifted.

During the Community Mass and Celebration of the Feast of Our Seven Holy Founders, Parish Priest, Father Patrick Ryall OSM officially presented the Papal Award of the Benemerenti Medal to Mr James Sewell in recognition of his long and most generous service to the Servite Parish Community, a Church Honour well deserved.

Mr Sewell has for almost 50 years provided dedicated financial and accounting services to the Our of Dolours Servite Church. The whole community of Our Lady of Dolours Servite Church is extremely proud of Mr Sewell and his Papal Award.


Father Patrick Ryall OSM, Parish Priest of Our Lady of Dolours Servite Church, presenting the Benemerenti Medal to Mr Sewell.


Father Patrick Ryall OSM with Mr Sewell proudly wearing his Benemerenti Medal.